Company Background

Founded in 1996, Kuala Lumpur Metro Group is a trusted and respected property developer that specializes mainly on high-end property and hotel developments besides housing and other commercial projects.

From its humble beginning to today’s smashing success, Kuala Lumpur Metro Group started as a medium-size contractor in 1996 with its core business primarily in infrastructure construction, earth work and building works. Since then, the Company has experienced exponential growth through adopting agile and yet prudent business practices, irrespective of the tremendous challenges brought forth by the Asian financial crisis in 1997.

Success is a journey, not a destination. In response to globalisation that offers an opportune springboard to the world market, Kuala Lumpur Metro Group took critical steps by expanding its business horizon into international frontiers in 2003 to reap the benefits of globalisation. From then on, the Company has undertaken and completed many high profile overseas projects, one of which was a motorway linking Qatar to Saudi Arabia.

To shape its long term advances, Kuala Lumpur Metro Group made a bold decision in 2003 by diversifying into other areas with its principal ventures now in high-end property and hotel related developments. Apart from housing and commercial projects, its key focus is on luxury resorts and hotels with innovative design and exclusive facilities. This gives additional impetus to its envisaged expansion, putting the Company on the path of strong growth and development with an impressive business portfolio.


Company Growth

Kuala Lumpur Metro Group has distinguished itself as a trusted and reputable developer with its high end and quality property development projects. It ensures all its projects are well-built, managed and operated so as to deliver total satisfaction to its discerning customers, providing added value and returns to their investments. While the Group continues to pursue innovation and excellence, implement growth strategies and consummate a global outlook, it is committed to ensuring highest standard of integrity and professionalism in dealing with employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the communities it serves.

In spirit of its motto “ Strive for Innovation and Excellence ”, the projects developed by Kuala Lumpur Metro Group such as Lexis, Grand Lexis, Lexis Suites Penang, Lexis Hibiscus and Imperial Lexis are truly a reflection of creativity, innovation quality and luxury. The key aspirations behind them are to capture the essence of sustainability ; elegance & exclusivity ; sophisticated & serene ; stylish & chic and relaxation & rejuvenation.


Trustworthy Developer

Being an international award winning developer, Kuala Lumpur Metro Group has achieved remarkable track record of creating turnkey projects. With thorough planning and execution, it is committed to delivering its projects on schedule without compromising on the quality and standard. Furthermore, by honouring payments of rental return to the buyers and investors on a timely basis, as well as by participating in many CSR projects, Kuala Lumpur Metro Group successfully achieves impeccable credibility and integrity as a responsible corporate citizen.

To uphold its reputation as a trusted and respected property developer, Kuala Lumpur Metro Group strives to be best in class at everything it does, which is essentially to develop landmark projects that are iconic, sustainable and truly a masterpiece in the making.

Its history is great but the future will always be its focus. Kuala Lumpur Metro Group is justifiably proud of how far it has come. Moving forward, it will continue to strengthen its roots and envision to become one of the top key players in high-end property and hotel development. With a strong team of over 1,500 employees, it is committed to improving and adding value to its business with high standards of integrity, professionalism and dedication.


A trusted brand name of excellence

Commitment to attain higher levels of quality performance has been the watchword of Kuala Lumpur Metro Group in its march towards the realization of its corporate goals and objectives. With its 1,500-strong in staff strength at the heart of its business, they become the key in ensuring every processes and project developments meet the expectations par excellence of the company.

Every team plays a vital role in ensuring that the company runs smoothly, and each team is led by capable and experienced management team. Their dedication and commitment have been a major contributing factor to the long-standing success of the company.

It is proven that in times of economic uncertainties brought forth by the global financial meltdown in 2008 and 2009, the company has successfully risen in tandem with the wave of economic challenges by excelling in every facet of its strategic planning and business operations. This results in uncompromised quality and standard with projects delivered ahead of schedule.