Award List


As Kuala Lumpur Metro Group continues to strive for expansion to emerging markets and refining quality developments under our holdings, we are honoured to be the recipient of the Star Leadership Quality Award for 2013 in the field of entrepreneurship and management. The award ceremony was held in Paris for 2013.


It is of great pleasure to congratulate Grand Lexis for being awarded with the 5-Star Hotel Certification by the Ministry of Tourism, Ng Yen Yen.


Malaysia Book of Records is an official body that recognises recordholders, recordbreakers and recordcreators in the country. Upon confirmation of their feats, achievements and creations, MBR issues certificates to them.


The Certificate of Excellence award honours hospitality excellence. The accolade is only given to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews on TripAdvisor, and is extended to qualifying businesses worldwide.


Organised by Business Initiative Directions (BID), this prestigious international award in the Gold Category was conferred to Kuala Lumpur Metro Group for its commitment in the realm of customer satisfaction, leadership, strategic planning and benchmarking as established in the QC100 TQM ( Total Quality Management ) system.


The Bloomberg’s Commercial Property Awards are open to residential and commercial property professionals from around the globe. They celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry. This award is a world-renowned mark of excellence.


It was indeed a moment of pride and joy for winning this award for Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2008, in recognition of its outstanding performance.


Honesty represents the operating and managing style of an enterprise, its reputation as well as public image in the market. With that in mind, Lexis Port Dickson is honoured to be recognised for this very simple but important virtue.


Kuala Lumpur Metro Group was gratified over the winning of this year prestigious CNBC's International Property Awards in London for their show piece development, Grand Lexis (previously, The Legend International Water Homes) under the category 'Best Architecture' and 'Best Development'.