Awards Recognition

Kuala Lumpur Metro Group earns accolades across the world through its signature projects which in itself speaks volumes of its strength and capabilities, and at the same time has created a niche for itself in today’s highly competitive globalised landscape. The prestigious international awards include, but not limited to, Guinness World Records ( London ), World Luxury Hotel ( Qatar ), Green Era Award ( Rome ) and many other awards in Geneva, Paris, Hong Kong and New York.


A truly remarkable achievement

Kuala Lumpur Metro Group is the first Malaysia developer to win this prestigous international award, based in London.


Guinness world records

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson is the proud record holder of Guinness World Records for achieving “The most swimming pools in a resort” and “The most overwater villas in single resort”. These records were determined by a research which was verified on 14 October 2016.