Visit Malaysia 2020 kicks off with a bang at Lexis Hibiscus PD

03 January 2020


PORT DICKSON: As the new decade began on Jan 1, Visit Malaysia 2020 (VM2020) got off to a great start with a grand ceremony in Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, the luxury resort built on the Straits of Melaka.

Similar welcome receptions were held simultaneously at 22 different entry points throughout the country.

According to Negeri Sembilan State Secretary, Razali Ab Malik, his department will be focusing on the state’s eco-tourism, cultural heritage and beautiful beaches to draw tourists.

“We here in Negeri Sembilan have signature dishes that tourists can taste for themselves. We also have Gunung Datuk, a tourism destination with recently upgraded infrastructure.”

“We have the Gua Batu Maloi where we are increasing the number of porters to improve security and operations,” he told a press conference in Port Dickson.

In addition, he also said that Lexis Hibiscus in particular is an attraction that will draw foreign visitors to the state.

To prove this, Razali said that over 300 tourists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore as well as local tourists had checked into Lexis Hibiscus just 30 minutes after the launch of VM2020.

“This indicates Lexis Hibiscus has great potential and its vast space allows for a high capacity of visitors,” he said.

All these attractions are in line with this year’s goal of attracting 30 million international tourists and RM100 million in tourist receipts.

The target was announced by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad in order to make VM2020 a national mission by sharing with the world the country’s peace and beauty.

Razali added that the state government would also discuss with hotel agencies the imposition of reasonable rates on visitors, keeping in mind the economic issues that plague the country today.

“We will ask our travel agencies not to impose excessively high prices, but rather, prices that are proportionate to the packages they offer.”

Lexis Hotel Group President, Mandy Chew Siok Cheng, said she supports every effort to improve tourist arrivals in Negeri Sembilan.

“For Lexis Hibiscus, we wish to turn this place into a wedding destination and we hope to gain the same attractability as Thailand and Indonesia.”

“We also want all generations, from the elderly to the young, to visit Lexis Hibiscus and enjoy their holidays here,” she said during the press conference.