9 Guinness World Records Held By Malaysia That Every M'sian Should Know About

26 February 2022

Guinness World Records held by Malaysia

Breaking world records is no easy feat. But our little corner of the world has managed to rack up some pretty cool Guinness World Records that we don’t mind throwing around whenever we’re talking about our country.

Besides being home to the largest flower and smallest chicken breed in the world – and the longest reigning World No. 1 squash player – we’re also current world record holders for the largest hotel, tallest twin towers and more that shows how our country has been steadily making a name for itself in the global scene.

Here, we rounded up a list of 9 Guinness World Records held by Malaysia that you should know about.

6. The most swimming pools in a resort

We all know Port Dickson for its beautiful beaches and resorts that are go-to holiday spots for locals. But there’s so much more to the west coast town that we may have not heard about – including a Guinness World Record for the most swimming pools in a resort.

The iconic Lexis Hibiscus resort in Port Dickson has 643 individual pools at each villa, making it the most ever found in a resort. The stats were verified by a research published on 14th October 2016, which only considered pools that exceeded 1.5 metres by two metres in size.

Source:  https://thesmartlocal.com/